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Originally a 60-icon set celebrating the martial arts I practice (Wushu and Taiji Quan), the MiniFu family hasn't stopped growing since to include new styles and weapons. As such the product collections linked above keep changing and expanding to include new characters, and I welcome requests from fellow martial artists.

To date, the arts and styles represented, with their color coding, are:
Red: Changquan (Long Fist aka Northern style)
Black: Nanquan (Southern Style) and GuanDao (the halberd)
Orange: Gunshu (the staff
Purple: Daoshu (the broad sword)
White: Taiji Quan Yang style
Blue: Taiji Quan Chen style
Green: Jianshu (the long sword)
Yellow: Qiangshu (the spear)
Aqua: Taiji Qiang (Taiji spear)

The MiniFu style attained great popularity and started showing up in unexpected places, such as this humorous take on my own comic series:

Some time ago the representative of Skullcandy Levant asked me if I'd like to customize a docking station for a promotional contest. MiniFu were an obvious design choice!