Quick Food, Not Fast Food

I'm a big proponent of cooking one's own food, as it's never as healthy and as nutritious (and tasty!) as when you make it yourself, with love and fresh ingredients free of dubious additives, but I understand the common reason not to: too tired after work, no time when I get home, etc.

So I started making recipe comics for dishes that are specifically simple and quick to make. Simple i.e. they must fit on a single page, and quick i.e. they only take 10-30 minutes to prepare. I think it's good to have a collection of these for those days when dedicating time to cooking is really difficult.

Along with important cooking notions and useful hints, these recipes are being put together in a book! Scroll down for all the information and purchase details, but first, here are the recipes! (Most of them – I reserve some for the book!)

The Book

After a lot of thinking and feedback, I decided the most interesting and useful way of releasing it will be as a series of bundles to be collected in a binder. It will also come out as a regular book later, when all the contents is ready, and as an ebook. Scroll down for a "binder vs. book" comparison and to see how it looks in real.
Please contact me to be notified of new bundle releases by email.

Bundle 1:
34 recipes, including 8 unpublished:
- Gluten-free pizza dough
- Matar paneer
- Labneh bel toum
- Coconut rocks
- 4 hot drinks: Ginger milk, Rose milk, Mighli sâil and 'Ahwe bayda

Special bundles:
- 76 Cocktails: recipes for home mixology. GET IT HERE (or get the ebook)

Binder:Regular book:
- Higher overall cost and repeat postage, but you decide what bundles you want and so can control how much you want to spend on it.- Lower overall cost (relatively).
- You'll have to get a binder and cut and punch the bundle yourself (instructions are included, see below). - Ready-made, of course.
- Possibility of adding further sections such as baking info, more complex recipes, homemade cosmetics, etc – not to mention your own notes can be easily inserted.- Will only contain the Quick Food recipes and cooking/kitchen basics (still amounting to almost 100 pages!)
- You can organize the contents as you like! I'm working on separations that can be downloaded for free, printed at home and cut to use in the binder.- Set organization.
- Opens flat and you can also take out the page you need and insert it in a plastic sheet for protection while cooking.- Will have to be perfect-bound, which doesn't open flat.
- Bundles published regularly.- Won't be ready for a few more months!
Both versions are A5-sized and contain bonus recipes not published online.

How it looks in real.